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We are looking into mobile GPU:

  • How it works
  • Inspect GPU stack
  • Instrument mobile GPU driver
  • Investigate security concerns on it
  • Play with various embedded platforms equipped with Mali, Nvidia, VideoCore, etc
  • Hacking mobile GPU drivers

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Research Project - TinyStack

  • Objective: Get rid of your GPU stack from client devices as much as possible, by RnR
  • Capture the interaction between CPU and GPU, and things necessary to run the computation
  • Benefits
  • More secure
    • We do not need to care about known or uncovered vulnerabilities in the GPU stack
    • Basically, eliminate root-causes of GPU attack through its stack
  • Better performance:
    • Reduce unnecessary delays inside of GPU stack - lower latency


  • TinyStack: replayer. Containing the userspace program and a small kernel module to assist replay.

  • Bifrost-kdriver: recorder as implemented in the GPU driver (kernel). For G71 (Hikey960).


  • odroid-mali-kdriver: recorder as implemented in the GPU driver (kernel). This is a (back)port of the kernel recorder for G71 (Hikey960).

  • tgx: (OBSOLETED)