TMUX - A Terminal Multiplexer

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You may want to see multiple terminals in a single screen. For instance, you want to edit the code while monitoring the system utilization or kernel log from serial communication. Tmux is a terminal multiplexer which allows to split your screen to multiple terminals. You can also make program keep running while not visible in the background.


How to install?

Ubuntu and debian

$ sudo apt install tmux

CentOS and Fedora

$ sudo yum install tmux


$ brew install tmux


  • Session: basic unit of tmux consists of multiple windows
  • Window: single terminal screen
  • Pane: divided screen from a single window.

When you launch tmux, you may create a new session and generates multiple windows in it. Each window can be divided into multiple panes.


tmux: start new window

tmux ls : list all available sessions

tmux attach: attach the session

tmux detatch: detach the session


CTRL + b : prefix key by default.

[prefix] + : command mode where you can type tmux commands

[prefix] + c : creates a new window

[prefix] + 0-9 : switch to a window with its index

[prefix] + " : split the active pane horizontally

[prefix] + % : split the active pane vertically

[prefix] + arrow key : switch to another pane

keep [prefix] pressed + arrow key : resize the active pane

[prefix] + z : zoom out the active pane

[prefix] + x : kill the current window

[prefix] + d : detach the session


Like ~/.bashrc, you can set local configuration to ~/tmux.conf. The global configuration file should be located at /etc/tmux.conf.

You can make your own configuration.

FYI - A good example